Micro-needling and dermaplaning

HYDRA-NEEDLING (HydraFacial + Microneedling) $325+

HydraFacial and micro-needling are two very popular and effective skin treatments. Micro-needling is a non-surgical way to combat the signs of aging, rejuvenate the skin, and repair past skin damage. HydraFacial is one of the newest treatments to minimize fine lines and wrinkles, improve elasticity and firmness, even out skin tone, reduce enlarged pores, improve skin texture, lighten brown spots, or treat oily or congested skin. By combining both treatments, they work together to enhance the overall effectiveness.

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Microneedling 45 Mins: $225+

Microneedling, also referred to as collagen induction therapy Is a minimally-invasive non-surgical and nonabrasive procedure for facial rejuvenation that gives you radiant skin with lasting results. It is considered one of the safest skin treatment procedures. You can say good-bye to aging skin.

in and hello to turning back the hands of time. The treatment uses a pen-shaped electric medical device that employs about a dozen fine needles to penetrate the surface of the skin at a very high speed. This helps to rebuild elasticity and reduce the size of pores. The needles break down old scar tissue and stimulate skin cells to proliferate, resulting in the formation of new tissue layers of elastin and collagen fibers, and in the formation of new capillaries, which improve blood supply. As the fine needles puncture the skin, they create channels or micro-wounds that trigger the body to fill them with new collagen and elastin, which leads to improved skin texture, firmness and hydration. Skin needling is used to treat a variety of skin conditions including: scars caused by surgery, acne, and thermal burns. It can also treat stretch marks, melasma pigmentation, sagging skin, fine lines and deep wrinkles.

Dermaplaning 30 Mins: $55+

Dermaplaning is a method of physical exfoliation that gently shaves off the top layer of dulling dead skin cells and vellus hair or peach fuzz. This treatment results in an ultra-smooth, fresh, and brighter complexion. (Add LightStim for $15)

StimLight Therapy Treatment $35+


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LightStim is a therapeutic light energy treatment that uses specific LED light technology to reduce wrinkles, temporarily increase blood circulation, and treat mild to moderate acne. Each LightStim uses different wavelengths and colors to emit UV-free, beneficial light energy to the skin. It can be used on all skin types.


The cost of the LightStim will vary depending on the facial treatment plan that we develop for you. During your consultation, we will discuss your cosmetic goals and treatment needs to determine the treatment approach that will be ideal for you. LightStim is most often used in combination with a specific facial to target your skincare concerns. For this reason, we will not be able to provide you with the cost of your treatment until you have the chance to come in and discuss your treatment goals with our AP Esthetician Breanna W


At West End Salon and Spa, we offer the following LightStim treatments:

  • LightStim for Wrinkles— The red and amber light waves in this treatment reduces fine lines and wrinkles as well as visibly improve the appearance of one’s skin to look more radiant and youthful. It can calm and reduce the appearance of redness of the skin. The benefit of having LightStim incorporated in treatment is that it also promotes better product absorption, leaving the skin feeling, and looking hydrated and vibrant.
  • LightStim for Acne— This treatment leaves skin clearer and healthier as it uses specific blue light therapy that combats acne. The blue light has been shown to destroy acne-causing bacteria found on the skin as well as calm existing breakouts.


LightStim treatments can be done as often as one likes. Often times, people enjoy their results from LightStim that they purchase their own hand-held device to incorporate in their skincare regimen and use at home.


For the Anti-Aging LightStim device 100% of all participants in the FDA clinical studies noticed an improvement of fine lines in wrinkles in just 8 weeks. The Acne LightStim treatment can show improvement in as little as 4 weeks.


Home care is essential to obtaining the most benefit from LightStim treatments. We offer various facials and a variety of skincare products work great in combination with LightStim. With consistency in your skincare regimen, LightStim can enhance your skin’s health and appearance for long-term benefits. Home skincare products, including the hand-held LightStim devices, are tailored to your specific skin care needs.

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Treatment Plan Consult 15 Mins: $0+

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Skin Analysis Consult 15 Mins: $0+

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